Pointcloud9 offers Lidar 3D scanning services for the visual effects, film and game industry.
Our services include:

  • 3D Environment, location and object scanning
  • 3D scanning of static environments in every imaginable size
  • Capturing of matching textures as HDR or LDR (RAW, Jpeg, ...)
  • Cleanup and merging / stitching of point clouds
  • Delivery of the point cloud data in a huge variety of file formats (xyz, pcb, ...)
  • Creation of poly surfaces from point clouds through manual modeling or automated meshing
  • Manual modeling following clients specifications
  • Matching the HDR or LDR texture to the point cloud's or the model's orientation incl. delivery of finished Maya, 3DS Max or Nuke environments and projection setups
  • Programming of custom tools for specific tasks
  • Pointcloud9 is cooperating with partners for specific tasks like real time live scanning, small object scanning and super high precision scanning